Sunday, December 28, 2014

Developer Conferences for 2015

It's a great time of year to start planning your 2015 travel for events and workshops. By no means complete, here is a quick round-up of upcoming events and conferences for everyone: front-end, mobile applications, software engineering and more.

UPDATE:  I got some great suggestions from HN and added to the list.

Upcoming Events at Dev:Network

Dev Conferences, Hackathons, Dev News and Dev Education events

O'Reilly Conferences

Strata+Hadoop, Software Architecture, Fluent Platform, Velocity, Solid, and more

An Event Apart

The design conferences for people who make websites

Smashing Conferences 

Oxford 2015 - March 17-18, 2015

Los Angeles 2015 - April 27-30, 2015


A professional developer conference in Atlanta GA - March 10-12, 2015

Software Design & Development 2015

The event runs over 5 days held at the Barbican Centre, London - May 11-15, 2015
Over 100 in-depth sessions and workshops.


Los Angeles CA - May 11-15, 2015

DrupalCon Barcelona
Barcelona - September 21-25, 2015

International Software Development Conference

For professional software developers in New York NY - June 10-12, 2015

ACM HotMobile

The 16th International Workshop on Mobile Computing Systems and Applications held in Santa Fe NM - February 12-13, 2015


The 11th Software Engineering Institute (SEI) Architecture Technology User Network (SATURN) Conference will be in Baltimore MD - April 27-30, 2015

None of these suit you? Keep an eye on the great Smashing Magazine for more, especially front-end events.

If you yearn for more technical gatherings, have a scan over this COMS listing. It's primarily a conference backend system, but there are over 4000 scientific events listed in the directory.

I'm sure I've missed heaps of others. What are the best?

Update 2 Jan 2015:  (Thanks HN!)

PyCon 2015

PyCon is the largest annual gathering for the community using and developing the open-source Python programming language.  Held in Montreal - April 8-16, 2015

Linux Conferences

Fuelling the growth of the Linux platform with upcoming Linux Foundation and Partner Events

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